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Transforming your Little Ones' Arts & Crafts into Big Art

We digitalise your children's paintings and crafts to create unique collage artworks, keepsake books and portraits.

Monthly Playbook

Our monthly subscription boxes and art activity kits are a creative way for your children to create, imagine, and learn about the world around them.

Making the play and art experience fun for kids and easier for parents, our digital playbooks or the kit boxes include a monthly collection of themed art activities, crafts, and sensory ideas for the entire month.

These subscription boxes and digital activity kits are geared for different ages, from toddlers to teens.

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Our Products


Playbook & Art Box

A monthly activity playbook that makes artistic play experiences fun for kids and easier for parents.

Keepsake Art Books

We digitalise your children's paintings to create unique collage artworks. One little stroke at a time!

Learning Through Arts & Crafts

Through arts and crafts, children can learn new skills (like a new language). Check out our art classes

Mix Media Portraits

From artist to model! Inspired by your kids' artworks, we will create a mixed media portrait. 

Coming Soon
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